Personal Trip Planner

Personally Guided Tours

Toursit Carriage Rider |  Charlesto, SC.

United States Tours

If you’re interested in traveling the United States, America is full of surprises and I’m here to act as your guide and provide the introductions! On Take My Mother Please Tours we meet face to face with the beauty, the culture, the history, the food and the folks who made it all possible.
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Anne Block leads tour in Egypt

International Travel Guide

Ever heard the expression, "if it's Tuesday it must be Belgium" ? With this method of travel you're moving too fast to let the wonders you're seeing sink in. Let's slow down, meet some local people, eat where they eat, find out what's fun and fascinating wherever we are, and just enjoy.
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Anne Block with tour in the South of France

Group Travel Planner

When your group (family, friends, an association) is scheduled to be at a particular place, conference or convention and wants to add value to the event, I'll be happy to serve as your personal trip planner organizing a tour or a series of tours tailored for your group.
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Wendy and Anne on tour

Gay Senior Travel

My decision to add Gay Senior Travel to the Take My *Mother Please portfolio of travel services comes from having loved and traveled the world with my darling partner and spouse–Wendy Dallas. Having recognized that not only is the world coming out of the closet but so, too, is the travel industry.
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Travel Planning Consultant

Vintage Travel Posters

Vacation Consultant

If you are planning travel for vacation, a family trip, a group event or a honeymoon and you need a vacation or travel planning consultant, Take My *Mother Please should be your first “port of call.”

As you may or may not know, research, organization and logistical planning are essential for a fun-filled, successful journey. When you're traveling, time is a resource you can't afford to waste. Your travel time is precious, and a travel planning consultant's job is to maximize every waking hour of your trip so that it is stress free and provides exactly what you expect. Whether that expectation includes a week lying on a beach in Spain, scuba diving in the Red Sea, or spending every evening dining at a Michelin three-star restaurant in France, your personalized trip planner will create the best solution and most enjoyable plan for your travel desires.

Your wish is this vacation consultant's command. The value of the small fee for this personalized trip planner will provide enormous savings in time and energy as well as the benefits of a comprehensive, thoughtful, personally designed plan for your fabulous vacation or honeymoon.   To learn more >>