Anne Block

Personal Travel Planner

As a personal travel planner specializing in custom designed tours for the curious, sophisticated traveler, both here and abroad, Take My Mother *PleaseĀ® (*or any other VIP) provides a whole range of travel possibilities and services that include:

Anne Block in Venice

Whether you're one person or a group of 50+, wish to tour for three hours or for 10 days, I pride myself on providing a fun-filled, entertaining experience created just for you. And I'm happy to report that the Los Angeles Times, the New York Times and The Observer all agree that my personalized tours are very special indeed!

How It All Began

My first client was Lily Tomlin. She hired me to accompany her to the Berlin Film Festival and to make sure she got the opportunity to see this fascinating city in depth. It was just after the fall of the Berlin Wall and we had an extraordinary time exploring it together.

Lily was thrilled by what I planned and I had so much fun being her guide that I decided to spend the rest of my life doing just that as a Personal Trip Planner—organizing tours and taking people on amazing, fun-filled adventures. And so ... "Take My Mother *Please" was born and... "that's the truth!" as Edith Ann would say.

My Background

I came to Los Angeles to become a star, but, like so many actors, while I got work, stardom was elusive. So, in between gigs—like guest shots on the sitcom "Designing Women"—this Arkansas native made the most out of her downtime; I explored L.A. as if it were a foreign country.

As an actor, I made a comfortable living, but, as a woman facing a significant milestone, I realized my shelf life as an actress was on the verge of expiring! So I did what any red-blooded, American entrepreneur would do, I turned my sense of adventure into a full-time business and moved from exploring the City of Angels to exploring the world for fun and profit.


When you tour with Anne, you see why she has friends everywhere she travels. Her open-hearted curiosity and wonder, and her love and respect for the people and places you visit with her are infectious. I have been lucky enough to travel with Anne to France, Italy and Spain.

Her tours are an unmatched combination of "can't miss" sites and "off the beaten track" moments. On every trip, she has opened my eyes to interesting neighborhoods and marvelous experiences, even in cities I thought I knew, and enabled me to enjoy opportunities that were only possible because I was traveling with her (tea in an apartment overlooking the Place Des Vosges in Paris comes to mind).

Traveling with Anne has changed my approach to travel, even when I'm on my own, and I can't thank her enough.

— Lou Ann McLean

Although I have lived in Los Angeles for many years (I won't say how many) I had never before seen the Bradbury building. Wow! Had it not been for my tour with Take My Mother Please and the amazing Anne Block, I may never have seen it.

Take My Mother Please took us on a relaxed architectural tour of downtown Los Angeles and I must say, it was fun to be a tourist in my own town with my out of town family and friends. While on the tour, my guests mentioned that sometime during their stay in Los Angeles, they wanted to visit a unique soda pop shop. As it turned out, the soda pop shop was about a 20-minute drive from where we were, so as part of our tour, Take My Mother Please took us there. Fun!

Next time you have out of town guests, consider a tour with Take My Mother Please.

— Sandra A.